Mr Brightside’s tips on staying positive in 2022 [Checklist]

Hello there, internet citizen!

Welcome to 2022, a shiny, brand new year, and a chance for us all to look ahead at the great times to come. I’m Mr Brightside, and you may remember me and my luxe velvet tracksuit from such gems as ‘How many fingers’ and ‘Hard to beet’ (I’m particularly proud of that one).

Do you find yourself envying this positive ‘tude? That’s understandable, it’s been a bit of a turbulent time of late, and that’s left plenty of Kiwis feeling lower than Australia’s match scores against the All Blacks.

So to pick ourselves up by our jandal-straps, here are my best tips on staying our cheerful selves in 2022. Tracksuit optional!

Have a positive 2022