Making a Funeral Insurance claim

We hope you’ll never have to read this page, but if you do need to make a claim, we’re here for you. Just follow the steps below and you can leave the rest to us. Don’t worry about the waiting part either — we’ll process your claim as soon as possible.

Stay strong

First things first — make sure you look after yourself too. Being with family and friends might help you emotionally when preparing to make a claim.

Claim forms

It's best to call us on 0800 005 806 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm before making a claim so we can run you through the process. We can send you a claim form by email, or you can download the relevant form to get started.

Send it out

Send your claim documents to us by post or email, whatever works for you.

Things you should know about claiming:

Following these instructions will help us process your claim faster. We won’t use tiny letters here as it’s important for you to read this.

  • Make sure your claims form is filled out correctly and in full. Any missing or wrong information could delay the process.
  • Copies of identification documents must be current. We cannot process your claim with expired documents.
  • Identification documents need to match the exact details listed on the claims form. Please do not use documents containing your maiden name or other legal names unless these are listed on your policy.
  • If your claim is delayed, we’ll call you every 10 days to let you know how it’s going.
  • We may require extra information not listed here to process your claim. We’ll let you know if we need anything else from you.