OneChoice TPD Insurance

Life can knock you down at any time, but with TPD Insurance we’ll be right there by your side to help you through it. This optional benefit provides a payout if you suffer a lifelong disability that stops you from looking after yourself or the people you love.

Use the money for medical bills, paid care or just to make up for lost income. It’s yours to keep life going when hard times try to stand in the way.

What you get with OneChoice TPD Insurance:

Cover until you’re 65

From loss of limbs, blindness, mental impairment and more. Rest easy knowing you’re covered for most of your working years when loved ones rely on you most.

A benefit amount that works for you

We’ll let you decide how much you need to keep life going – from $50,000 up to $1,000,000 depending on age and underwriting outcome.

Lower premiums for non-smokers

We’ll reward you for looking after yourself with lower starting premiums if you’re a non-smoker. Easy as.

No medicals or blood tests to apply

Just answer some questions over the phone. No needles, no exams, and no long forms to worry about.

OneChoice: the smart choice

We’re all for Kiwis

We love what we do and who we do it for. That’s why our cover is designed just for Kiwis (that’s you - not the bird).

Built on success

Your policy is issued by Pinnacle Life and backed by Hannover Re, one of the world’s leading underwriters. So you’re in safe hands.

Insurance, but simple

Life’s too short for confusing paperwork. We skip the medicals and forms to apply by asking you questions over the phone.

Have it your way

Our insurance gives you heaps of choice – from your cover amount, payment frequency, your beneficiaries, and more. You’re in control.

Life is full of challenges. Get covered for some of the worst.

More optional cover

Covers defined serious illnesses: Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.

For full details of the benefits, options and exclusions that may apply to this optional cover, check out the OneChoice Life Insurance PD.

Make the call

If you’re keen for a chat, get in touch! Request a quote now, or if you’re too busy enjoying life we can call you back instead.