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What is funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance helps cover the cost of your funeral by giving your family a cash payout when you pass away. This can cover any immediate expenses, such as a funeral, tangi or any outstanding bills and could really help your loved ones during a stressful time. 

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Can I take out funeral insurance for my parents?

Yes. If you’d like to be the world’s best son or daughter, you can take out a policy on behalf of your parents as long as they agree to the policy and meet the application criteria.

Are funeral costs covered by life insurance?

Some life insurance policies offer advanced payments to help with sudden funeral or tangi costs after you pass away. You’ll need to check what’s offered by each provider as each one is different.

Can I buy funeral insurance for someone else?

Yes. You may be able to buy funeral insurance on behalf of a family member or friend as long as they agree to the policy and meet the application criteria.  

Can I change my funeral insurance provider?

Most funeral insurance policies don’t have minimum contract terms so you can always switch providers if you find a better deal. But keep in mind that you may lose any benefits that you’ve accumulated. Funeral insurance is not a savings plan so you won’t be refunded for your accumulated premiums either. 

Do I need a will in order to claim on funeral insurance?

No. You always can take out cover and make a claim on funeral insurance even if you don’t have a will. Still, having a will can help make things easier for your family and friends when organising a send-off, so it’s worth considering getting one created.

Does funeral insurance cover transport costs?

Yes. The great thing about funeral insurance is that your family can use the money however they want. This means they can organise the perfect farewell or even leave some money aside for other costs that might come up. 

What is the age limit for funeral insurance?

Every policy has a different age limit, so you’ll need to check before you apply. With OneChoice Funeral Insurance, any New Zealand resident aged from 18 up to 79 is guaranteed acceptance. 

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