This is where we keep our knowledge on all things life insurance. Read on to become as smart as we are.  

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a way of helping your family cope financially if something happens to you. Having cover means they won’t be left with the added financial stress of funeral costs, everyday bills, or loss of income if you’re no longer able to provide for them.

Do I really need life insurance?

Even if you don’t have children or other dependants, it’s still important to think about yourself, right? With life insurance you may also be able to add optional cover for some health-related events, helping you with medical bills or other expenses if you suffer a disability or illness.

How does tax affect my life insurance?

Life insurance premiums are not tax deductible in New Zealand. But it’s not all bad; this also means that any benefits you receive from your policy won’t be taxed either.

How much cover do I need?

That’s your call. You’ll need to work out how much you and your family will need in case something happens to you. It’s useful to think about both short-term and long-term costs that could come up, as well as ongoing living expenses based on your lifestyle, number of children, income, and more.

Am I covered for death right away?

That depends on which policy and provider you go with. While most life insurance policies will cover you right away, certain events like suicide usually come with a waiting period of at least 13 months. You’ll need to read your policy documents to find out what’s covered and after how long.

Who is OneChoice?

OneChoice is an insurance brand that offer policies designed just for Kiwis. Our simple cover helps you tackle life’s financial worries with confidence. Whether you’re out of action and can’t work from an injury or illness, suffer a serious accident, or unexpectedly pass away, or want to cover your funeral expenses — OneChoice is the name your family can rely on to help pick up the pieces.

What insurance products does OneChoice offer?

Our focus is to bring you great cover that’s flexible and made just for Kiwis, without compromising on quality or service. You’re welcome!  

Currently we offer OneChoice Life Insurance, with optional cover for Serious Illness and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), and OneChoice Funeral Insurance.

How does OneChoice help Kiwis?

We provide trusted life insurance that looks out for your family’s biggest asset – your life. It’s all about our drive to help Kiwis be Kiwis, from enjoying life care-free to making sure loved ones are financially prepared.

We also provide funeral insurance which is designed to help the loved ones you leave behind, pay for your funeral costs when you pass away. Too easy.

Why OneChoice?

We offer life and funeral insurance so you and your family can stop worrying and focus on living. On top of that, you can look forward to flexible options that keep you in control of your policy, as well as simplicity on everything from claiming to applying — plus more! Talk to one of our friendly team members to find out what else we can do.

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