Health guide: reducing your cholesterol [eBook]

Approximately one in four New Zealanders should be taking steps to manage their heart health. That’s roughly the entire population of the South Island!

Why’s this important? Because cholesterol (in particular, high levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol) is a relatively common health issue for everyday Kiwis, and even though you might not know you have it, it can lead to major health problems down the track.

High cholesterol is such a common health issue, that we’ve gone and created an entire eBook about it.

Within this eBook you’ll find useful information you need to feel like an expert on cholesterol. This includes:

  • what is cholesterol?
  • what are the risks of having high cholesterol?
  • what are the signs and symptoms of cholesterol? (spoiler alert, this is a trick question)
  • what lifestyle changes can you make to lower your cholesterol?
  • what kind of specialised diets are available to combat high cholesterol?
  • how can you tell if you’re at risk for heart disease?

We even asked the lovely (and very healthy) Jess Wharton, a Gut Health Nutritionist you may recognise from her website Key Nutrition for advice, information, and ideas. You’ll find her pearls of wisdom and genuinely useful tips dotted throughout the eBook.

One of the most important things you’ll learn is that practically anyone can have high cholesterol. Genetics play such an important role in cholesterol levels that it’s best to be aware of what it all means so you can keep an eye out for your heart health and your overall wellbeing.

So download the eBook and fix yourself a nice heart-healthy snack to enjoy as you read (you’ll be glad you opted for avocado on whole-grain bread by the end).

Do it for your friends and whanau, because they want to keep you around to be the butt of their jokes for years to come. And do it for anyone who relies on you, your partner, kids, or even ageing parents. Just like sorting out life insurance, looking after your health is a good way to care for those around you, all while caring for yourself.