Tips on how to snag a sweet deal with your utilities provider

As if the cost of the weekly grocery shop wasn’t hard enough, utility prices seem to have sashayed their way onto the bandwagon and scaled higher than a world-class rock climber. 

Because you’re not imagining it, prices for basic household items are rising. Plus, in our recent Kiwi Concerns Report, we found that financial concerns were the second biggest source of worry for New Zealanders (right after health and wellbeing). 

Like so many Kiwis, if you're feeling the pinch, here are a few ways you might be able to snag a better deal from your utilities providers and save money on utilities. 

Research competitor rates regularly

When was the last time you looked at the rates you’re on now, and compared them to other offers on the market? 

It genuinely can pay to compare competitors regularly – at least once per year. This can help you be aware of what else is on the market, and should a better deal pop up, you can either make the switch or call your current provider and see if they would match that better rate in order to keep you as a customer. It can’t hurt to ask!

You can use Powerswitch to compare electricity and gas providers. According to their website, more than 90% of those who use Powerswitch can find savings of an average of $300 per year.

Taking advantages of promotions and incentives

Both your provider and their competitors probably offer the occasional promotional deal or incentive. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on them so you know when they pop up, and so you can jump on them if it makes sense for you. 

For example, some providers may offer a credit to your bill for signing up, several hours of free power per day, or even something physical like a television if you bundle your power and internet bills together with one provider. 

These promotions might not always make sense for your needs, but sooner or later, there may be one that gets you a better deal (or at least, a freebie for something you were going to do anyway).

Effective ways to reduce costs

As well as switching, you can look at ways to reduce your utility costs simply by being more mindful about your usage and making smarter choices. 

For example, we all know that an LED light bulb is more efficient than the old incandescent styles – but the upfront cost can put some people off. However, keep in mind that an incandescent bulb costs about 20 cents to run per 8 hours, compared to about 3 cents for an LED bulb. So, it only takes a handful of changes around the house to make a real difference each year (plus, LEDs last significantly longer). 

Next, look at appliances and lights that you have running more than necessary. Lights are easy to spot, but how about a dehumidifier that runs 24/7? Or a heated towel rack that’s consistently pumping out heat? Modern comforts are great, but you could make some easy savings by not running them all the time. 

Another tip is to switch things off at the wall. If you make a habit of switching them off after use, you’ll be making a habit of minimising those energy bills.  

Find what works for you

At OneChoice, we don’t exactly provide utilities, but we do provide life insurance. And like any good provider, we can provide a quote so you can quickly compare and see if our products suit your needs. Request an info pack to learn more today.