The best global cities to explore after borders open for international travel [Infographic]

It’s been two long years since our borders closed to the world, which also meant that the world was all but closed to Kiwis, too.

We finally did become almost as flightless as our namesakes, and while it was a small price to pay for the enviable relative health, safety, and freedoms we’ve enjoyed for the past two years, we also absolutely can’t wait until we can travel overseas once again (although, it’s been great fun travelling around New Zealand in the meantime!)

The good news is that we’ve had plenty of time to dream about which places we’ll go once we can jump on flights again.

The bad news is that we’ve had so much time, it’ll take a world tour to tick them all off.

Pack your bags and get your flights ready

To help you narrow down your lists, we’ve put together a fun infographic with seven of the best global cities to visit when borders open.

Will it be Montreal, where you can feel like you’ve visited both North America and Europe at the same time - thanks to its decidedly European Old Port, love of fine foods, and French culture combined with its Canadian obsession of Tim Horton’s, maple syrup, and ice hockey.

Or perhaps you’re craving the big city feel of a metropolis like Tokyo, where the dining is world class and the deer bow to you for treats.

Or maybe it’s literally been so long since you went anywhere, that even a quick trip across the ditch sounds blissful!

Wherever it is in the world you’ve got your eyes set on, stay safe, take a million photos for the ‘gram (how else will everyone know you visited the Little Mermaid?), and have the kind of time that makes up for two years of no international adventures!

Infographic of 7 best cities to visit around the world.