Guide to creating your vision board to manifest ideas

A vision board could be the secret to realising your true intentions, imagining and realising your dreams, and turning your wispy goals into reality. It’s usually a collage of images, affirmations, drawings of your deepest desires and dreams – or just the things you want in life – a better job, a holiday, even a relationship or new car – who knows? What you want is up to you!  

The idea is that a vision board can help you picture your dreams and desires, and it’s designed to be a daily source of inspiration and motivation. Feeling unsure about what you want from life? Looking for new inspiration for your goals? A vision board could be the answer. And the good news is that now you can create a physical vision board, a digital one – or even use an app or design program. 

Why create a vision board?

A vision board exists to help you literally visualise your dreams and goals through images and text.

That could be your dream holiday, a career you want to pursue, a home renovation you want to make, a wedding you want to celebrate, the kind of meals you want to eat, or just about anything in between. Even financial wellness goals and dreams can be represented on your board. 

It’s different to just thinking about these goals, because seeing the images is a physical reminder of what you’re working towards. Plus, you can pin it up somewhere, so you’ll see it every day to help keep you on track as you take steps towards those dreams. 

Benefits of creating a vision board

Image of a vision board in photographic style

The main benefits of creating a vision board are to help you solidify your goals, stay positive, and continue working towards your dreams even when the going gets tough. In other words, seeing images of things you aspire to can help you to subconsciously move towards them.  

It can also be hard to work towards something when you only have a vague idea of what you want. By putting your vision board ideas on paper (or PDF), it may be easier to see exactly where you’re going – and even how to get there. 

Not to mention, a vision board can keep you on track. Many goals are difficult and require regular work, so a daily visual reminder of why you’re doing it can be part of your motivation to keep going. 

New Zealand YouTuber Chelsea Satherley is a big fan of the vision board and even Scouts Aotearoa has a great resource on the benefits of vision-boarding for younger people, as well as steps on how to start one up. 

Steps to create a vision board

  • Search online or through magazines for images that inspire and motivate you
  • Be as specific about your dreams as you can (what do you value, want to learn, places to visit, what do I want to buy/try, etc)
  • Collect or save anything that appeals to you
  • Go through your collection and cull anything that doesn’t quite fit now that you can see all your images grouped together
  • Add your own photos if any fit the theme for a personal touch
  • Don’t forget to add inspiring quotes and affirmations
  • Play with the layout to achieve a look you love – try grouping images by colour or vibe, or no grouping at all 
  • Forget about perfection, just have fun
  • Place the board somewhere you will see it every day 

Materials needed to start creating

Woman's hands with craft materials

If you’re making a vision board online, you can use Google image search to find images, then a design tool such as Canva to stick them all together. Canva is also one of many tools that has an AI image generator, so if your dreams are bigger than reality, you can be the first to make them real(ish). 

If you’re doing it old school style, you’ll need a large poster board, scissors, glue, and any decorative items such as stickers or marker pens. Then, get your hands on as many old magazines as you can or search the web and print out your images. While this is undoubtedly the more labour-intensive approach, there can be something truly satisfying about putting in the hard yards.

Manifest – but plan as well!

Ensure you place your board somewhere you will see everyday – it’s a great way to start your morning and end your day by refocusing on your vision and goals on your board. And hey, if your goals involve trusted cover should your plans go awry, you can even throw a little OneChoice logo in there. With OneChoice Life Insurance you can have peace of mind so you can focus on living you