Home security hacks for the modern family

We spend lifetimes collecting all sorts of items, from stylish furniture and sentimental knick-knacks to irreplaceable family heirlooms. Everything from our television to the collection of family photo albums live in our homes, making home security an essential need.

In 2021, a reported 9.3% of homes were burgled. Interestingly, the data also showed that households that were burgled once were more likely to be burgled multiple times.

Needless to say, anything you can do to make your home and family safer is well worth doing. Here are some of our top home security tips for the modern family. 

Protecting your home from the outside 

Prevention is the best protection, so starting from the outside of the home can help to ensure nobody gets in. 

Exterior lighting 

Exterior lighting can be simple and effective by potentially deterring burglars who don’t want to be seen sneaking around your property. 

Many opt for motion-activated lighting. This can be both a deterrent, and a useful source of illumination for when you get home late at night. 

Landscaping for security 

Landscaping isn’t just for improving your curb appeal. 

Specifically, you can plant ‘unfriendly’ shrubs and trees around your property to deter potential criminals from climbing around them. Look for thorny, spiny plants such as roses and holly to plant in areas where someone might enter your property (or stinging nettle if you’re feeling particularly determined). 

Also prune or remove trees that might offer access to windows, and avoid placing trellises next to windows for the same reason. 

Changing locks 

Shifting to a new home is exciting, so changing the locks might not be the first thing you prioritise when there’s packing and moving to consider. 

However, you don’t know if you have every single key for the home. Changing the locks is a practical step in moving house to ensure no one else has access but you.

Plus, remember that locks are only as strong as the fittings and hardware surrounding them, so consider the integrity of the doors while you’re at it. 

Smart surveillance   

Smart surveillance makes the most of the incredible technological advancements of recent years to help protect your home. Here are just some of the top tools in the field. It is also important to keep your devices secure – this will ensure that nobody can hack into your surveillance products. Some tips to consider include: selecting the most secure WiFi settings, use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) where possible, and regularly updating your software.

Wireless security cameras 

Wireless home security cameras are ideal for anyone looking for a quick, easy installation. They offer many of the same great benefits of traditional wired systems, such as monitoring via your smartphone. 

Plus, it’s easy to add more cameras or move your existing ones around if you prefer a different configuration. 

Smart doorbells 

Smart doorbells are so handy and common that the children of tomorrow might have to change their ‘knock knock’ jokes into ‘ding dong’ jokes. 

One of the biggest features of these doorbells is the ability to link them to an app on your smartphone, so you can see, greet and speak to people through your app – whether you’re home or not. 

With the addition of a smart lock, you can also remotely unlock the door to allow people entry without having to organise a spare key for them (or leave a spare key out where it could pose a security risk). 

Home security alarms 

A home security alarm is the heart of any good home security system. 

These systems can include infra-red (PIR) motion detectors, door and window switches, and even floor mat switches. Traditional models will make a lot of noise to deter burglars and alert others, but some modern models offer a silent alarm system, which makes no noise when activated but alerts a security service to send a patrol to your home

Protect your home and yourself 

In the worst-case scenario, home and contents insurance can at least help to recoup some of the costs should you get burgled. Much like life insurance, it’s something you never want to have to use – but will be grateful you have, should you need it. OneChoice Life Insurance provides cover for residents aged 16-70 years old, offers a flexible cover amount (from $100,000 to $2 million depending on your age and underwriting outcome), and lower premiums based on your lifestyle.